and machinery

Back in 1915, when the company was first established, the processing of marble and stones was mainly done by hand and each piece was indeed as a small work of art. The artisan spirit has proudly remained unchanged, but the rapid technological progress experienced over the next two centuries has changed working methods and introduced new technologies that makes possible to make the production cycle more efficient.

Artisanal soul expressing sense of beauty

Our daily activity is fueled by a strong creativity. We aim at making the productions unique in relation to the customer’s requests, with a full customization of finishes, mosaics and inlays that are perfected handmade with obsessive attention to detail. We express this creative spirit through design’s choice: usage and combinations of different materials, different shapes and different colors help us create floors and furnishing accessories that include natural beauty, exclusivity and brightness.


State-of-art machinery for small and large quantities

The manual ability has been supported over time by an endowment of machinery capable of speeding up and making the production cycle more efficiently: this is mostly for carrying out various tasks for technical operations of custom cutting, polishing, smoothing, flaming or the very recent Hydro Finish. The continuous search for customization and design has motivated us to create a state-of-art laboratory in Italy that allows us to work each product using automatic machinery such as contouring machines, water jets and disc cutters. Such a strong union between technology and craftsmanship guarantee us a flexible responses to every request to operate on small and large quantities of material.