New technology for new solutions, IN Construction and Furniture.
Rethinking marble. And ceramics, stone, onyx, travertine.
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New technologies for new solutions, in construction and furniture alike.

Our company was born in 1915 in a small workshop in the historic center of Arezzo, by the hands of Guerriero Squarcialupi.

His passion and his ability in the craftsmanship of this precious, natural and beautiful material, have been inherited by successive generations. Over the decades, Squarcialupi’s heirs have contributed to the company’s growth by combining tradition and innovation, aiming to keep it up to date with the evolution of the building and furnishing sectors.

This development found expression in the 1960s with the inauguration of a new factory located in Ponte a Chiani; the production area, offices and showroom were combined together to experience materials and creative solutions first-hand. This gave birth to an hub dedicated to the production of custom marble, granite, ceramics and natural stones. Ponte a Chiani is still our home today and has become a point of reference for architects, designers, general contractors, construction companies and individuals from all over Italy.


Artisanship is combined with innovation and technology

Our manufacturing process of marble, ceramic and natural stones comes from a careful combination of artisanship and innovation. The use of cutting-edge machinery allows us to carry out a range of diversified jobs, from the design and construction of floors, stairs, bathroom furniture, kitchen tops and fireplaces, up to outdoor furniture, wellness centers and swimming pools. All comes with a strong customization in terms of finishes, mosaics and inlays.

lavorazione del marmo
We carry out most of the production cycle internally

The machineries we are equipped with support but do not replace the "human touch" necessary to make each piece unique and unrepeatable. Our production cycle is largely carried out internally. Our technical office is capable of listening to individual needs and recommending the best solutions in terms of materials, shapes and colors to thus arrive at tailor-made work also by virtue of the collaboration more than a decade with some of the best marble and granite quarries in the world. The dynamism, flexibility and creativity that have always characterized our business are a guarantee to go-along with any type of request, for large and small projects.

A customized production for each customer

The work then proceeds with the project’s clarifications and set up. In the workshop, the industrial processing through automated robots of the latest generation makes possible to foresee a full customization in the creation of artefacts and sculptures. Finally, the quality control before shipment to the customer is anticipated by the artisan finishing phase that define elegant and sophisticated designs. The formula of design innovation, combined with the speed of execution and attention to detail, distinguish our company. This manual final phase, in fact, allows you to propose solutions intended as elegant, solid, unique and exclusive, works of art.

lavorazione del marmo
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Aesthetics, elegance and timeless design. We are specialized in the processing of marble, ceramic, granite and other natural stones, which have always been used in internal and external environments, to make them exclusive and to increase their elegance, prestige and refinement. All while providing for infinite customization possibilities in terms of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes to allow these noble materials to accommodate the evolution of trends and to create spaces capable of exciting.

utilizzo del marmo
choose marble and natural stones?
Why choose marble and natural stones?

For beauty, versatility and resistance. These materials, with proper maintenance, keeps their original characteristics over time and are suitable for any use in floors, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, worktops, swimming pools and other surfaces. Marble, granite, onyx, quartzite and travertine are extracted directly from nature and, for this reason, they are living materials, with a large variety of colors and unique and unreplaceable veins that contribute to the value of your spaces.

Perché scegliere la ceramica?

Ceramic is a material capable of combining aesthetics and naturalness, with pattern and colors ranging from classic to modern. Ceramics offers a vast assortment of application possibilities for floors and walls, integrating harmoniously into any environment with high standards of resistance to the passage of time, easy cleaning and more economical solutions.

All this, with attention also to eco-sustainability because ceramic is moslty recyclable.

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The historicity of marble and natural stones interpreted in a contemporary way. We propose new designs in which the values ​​of aesthetics and prestige are combined with the benefits sought today for homes, villas, historical residences, hotels or shops. Our solutions maintain the typical natural vibes of living and breathing stones, but guarantee high standards in terms of resistance, cleanliness, hygiene, maintenance and durability.

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A single player to follow all phases of your work

Our company is among the most historic in Italy in the processing of marble, natural stones and ceramics. Consequently, over the years it has gained skills and acquired instruments that allow us to respond professionally to every single need concerning construction and furniture, guaranteeing workmanship capable of combining emotions, beauty and quality.

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Prestigious materials at competitive prices

We take care of the entire supply chain. From the first phase of consultancy and discussion, we then develop customized design, search for the most suitable materials, proceed to process the raw marble and finally deliver it. All of which relying on a synthesis between automation and craftsmanship, allowing us to make each piece unique and to be able to operate on small and large quantities. This work line and the possibility of entrusting the entire job to us are guarantees of price competitiveness even for historically prestigious materials such as marble and natural stones.

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lavorazione marmo

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Thanks to

Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Fendi, Tom Ford, Prada, Chloè, Ferragamo, Marni, Jimmy Choo, Canali, Céline, Sns, La Perla, Mulberry, Emilio Pucci, Poenza Shouler, Illy, Wise Boutique, G&B negozio, Hotel Embassy, Hotel Splendid, MH Florence Hotel, Castiglion del Bosco, Ask Building, Officine Marmi Italia, Cortigiani 1953.

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